Body: 3
Mind: 5
Soul: 6

Less Capable [Strength]: -1
Recurring Nightmares: -2

Magic Level 2
Highly Skilled 1
Heightened Awareness 1
Appearance 4
Art of Distraction 1

Skills Specialties
Magical Attack: 3 (Psychic Blast)
Magical Defense: 3 (Possession)
Cooking: 4 (Home)
Riding: 2 (Horse)

Magic Abilities

Healing 3
Mind Shield 2
Sixth Sense 2
Spirit Ward 2
Psychic Blast (Limited) 4
Regeneration 1
Exorcism 4

Psychic Blast: Julia’s psychic blast is a magical weapon currently fully effective only against supernatural entities. While she could wield it against a human it would feel only like a very hard slap or a sudden seizing headache that’s gone as fast as it comes. While that burst of pain could provide an edge against someone if it were used strategically it can’t currently do a human any lasting damage or trauma. Against the horrors of the night, however, it could be more effective then some guns…

HP: 45
EP: 55
SV 9


Julia’s past is a bit shadowy, held as it is in trauma. She was once a normal young lady in a small town. She went to church socials and fantasized about marrying a tough lawman someday. She sewed and cooked and had fun with her friends and she enjoyed working for charity. However, one night something horrifying came to her town—something dark and supernatural. It awoke her powers, which seem to be divinely inspired and God-given to turn her into a sort of missile against the night, and she got rid of whatever it was, but the town itself did not survive. Her latent healing powers blossomed and she did save one or two people, but they were so dazed and traumatized themselves by the bloodshed and gore they had lived through that they didn’t notice when she simply wandered out of town holding a small bag of clothing and necessities, lost in a kind of dazed fugue. None of them were close to her.


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