Leighton Smith

Isn't that what pictures are for?


Tall, dark, broody, popular with the ladies.



Body: 7
Mind: 5
Soul: 3

Attack Restriction 1 (Will not shoot children or unarmed women)
Nemesis 2 (Johnathan)
Wanted 2 (For bank robbing and train hijacking)
Girl Magnet 1 (Because he’s HAWT)


Appearance: 3
Combat Mastery: 1
Damn Healthy: 1
Extra Attack: 1
Focused Damage (Pistols): 1
Gun Bunny: 4

  • Dead Eye
  • Lightning Draw
  • Steady Hand
  • Two Gun

Highly Skilled: 2


Demolitions (Artificial Structures): 1
Mechanics (Gunsmith): 1
Riding (Horses): 1
Stealth (Silent Movement): 1
Gun Combat (Pistols): 3
Ranged Defense (Pistols): 2
Unarmed Attack (Brawling): 1


Leighton Smith. Bastard son of a prostitute, got himself into trouble since he was a kid, picking pockets. Ran with one gang after another, slowly moving up from picking pockets to breaking and entering houses, stealing money and jewellery. That soon became bank robbing. Now, the man runs with a group of guys headed up by Johnathan, and he’s gotten pretty good at hijacking and robbing trains.

He’s a wanted man with a bounty on his head. When he dies, he’s gonna be riding a southbound train.

Still, there has to be something redeemable about him, because when Johnathan told him to kidnap and bring back the young lady named Julia Donovan, a mage gifted with the valuable power of healing, he did it, and then he regretted it. He wanted Julia for himself, and he wasn’t going to let Johnathan claim her.

So he took off with her in the middle of the night, along with some of John’s horses and supplies.

Now he’s a man wanted by the law and his old boss.

Leighton Smith

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